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    • Relativity from Lorentz to Einstein. A Guide for Beginners, Perplexed and Experimental Scientists
      Alberto Palazzi
      Everyone knows that Einstein's special relativity is a theory of time and space measurements, no longer considered absolute. But many who have tried to study it have not been able to understand it: yet it is enough to know what speed and square root are. This book, written for beginners and for perplexed who have tried the study of relativity without success, leads its readers to understand this founding idea of twentieth century culture and to judge it with their own intelligence.
      Ebook price € 6
    • A Trip. Expo Milano 2015
      Nigel Sato
      Expo Milano 2015. Hundred large format photographs of a great photographer to grasp the nuances of this unrepeatable and unique image of our present time. Those who visited the Expo will relive the atmosphere all over again. Those who were not there will enjoy this late visit. Both will be able to better understand what they have absorbed through the huge media coverage of the event, stripped of clichés thanks to Nigel Sato's outsider' view.
      Price book + ebook € 24 (Delivery included)
    • The Origins of the Greek Public Debt
      Andreas Andreadis
      A story written in 1904, which tells the vicissitudes of the Greek public debt since its own absolute beginning in 1824. In the midst of a global financial crisis, today this book is also a modern book, that allows us to understand the dynamics of the Independence Loans that the provisional Greek Government contracted on the London market in 1824 and 1825, and the loan of an ill-advised entity that the Government of the new state contracted after 1832, without granting any benefit.
      Ebook price € 5

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