• Vers l’autre flamme. Apres seize mois dans l’U.R.S.S.
      Panaït Istrati
      Vers l'autre flamme – Apres seize mois dans l'U.R.S.S., publié en 1929, marque le début de la série de témoignages critiques et désillusionnés des militants. Le récit de "l'affaire Roussakov" est du plus grand intérêt: de retour à Moscou au début de 1929, Istrati tomba sur une histoire grâce à laquelle nous avons un témoignage simple et linéaire sur la fracture politique dans la société soviétique à l'époque, prologue des événements du stalinisme qui commenceraient bientôt à se produire.
      Ebook price € 3
    • Satan, the Waster. A Philosophic War Trilogy with Notes & Introduction
      Vernon Lee
      Satan, the Waster, published in 1920, is an essay on political anthropology of the Great War in a radically pacifist and rationalist perspective. The book consists of a symbolic comedy focused on the traditional metaphor of the devil and a collection of essays that clarify its infinite meanings and suggestions. The attentive readers will be enriched by this atlas of the conscience of Europe of the Great War with a radically changed vision of the whole phenomenon.
      Ebook price € 5
    • England’s Holy War
      Irene Cooper Willis
      England's Holy War - A Study of English Liberal Idealism During the Great War tells the story of the compromises and self-fuelled illusions by British Liberal opinion as it was reflected in the newspapers that represented it during the First World War. England's Holy War is a first rate study in national psychology and a narrative of the war by a Liberal pacifist who remained consistent with her original ideas, and not willing to compromise.
      Ebook price € 4
    • History of the Greek Revolution
      George Finlay
      After participating to the Greek Independence War, George Finlay studied the history of medieval and modern Greece, and wrote this History of the Greek Revolution, in which the mass of first-hand testimonies and documentary data in his possession was reworked in a masterpiece of historiography attentive to the facts and their context. The essay begins with a description of the Greek society at the dawn of the Independence War and extends up to the Constitutional Revolution of 1843.
      Ebook price € 5
    • Society in the First World War.
      Caroline Playne
      This volume contains four essays on anthropology and social psychology of the First World War:
      The Pre-War Mind in Britain (1928)
      Society at War, 1914-16 (1931)
      Britain Holds on, 1917, 1918 (1933)
      The Neuroses of the Nations (1925)

      During the Great War, Playne gathered a great mass of documents on the English social life and the general consensus to the war. Then this merged into the books collected here, where we find an astonishing pioneering cultural history of the war.
      Ebook price € 6
    • Yashka. My Life as Peasant, Officer and Exile
      Maria Botchkareva
      At the outbreak of the First World War the Russian peasant Maria Botchkareva "Yashka" joined the army to fight like a man. After March 1917 she could organize a female combat unit of which was spoken worldwide. In 1918 Yashka reached the U.S. with the utopia of gathering funds to restore a people's army, and so her story was picked up and published by Isaac Don Levine.
      A fundamental witness to the history of women and the history of the First World War.
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    • Law. Son système et son époque
      André Cochut
      Ce livre, écrit en 1853, raconte l'histoire de la banque de John Law et de l'immense catastrophe financière qui marqua la France des années 1716 à 1720. Riche d'anecdotes aidant à situer le phénomène dans son contexte social, il rend aussi compte des sources du dix-huitième siècle pour l'histoire de Law et aussi de nombreux détails techniques sur les opérations financières de Law.
      Ebook price € 1
    • The Origins of the Greek Public Debt
      Andreas Andreadis
      A story written in 1904, which tells the vicissitudes of the Greek public debt since its own absolute beginning in 1824. In the midst of a global financial crisis, today this book is also a modern book, that allows us to understand the dynamics of the Independence Loans that the provisional Greek Government contracted on the London market in 1824 and 1825, and the loan of an ill-advised entity that the Government of the new state contracted after 1832, without granting any benefit.
      Ebook price € 5

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